The Process: Mercedes-Benz G 4x4 Squared NEW VEHICLE PREP.

Before we begin, a quick overview: Why would you consider having a brand new vehicle detailed? Sounds crazy, right? If you think about how far the vehicle has traveled to get here, its a long lengthy process which includes, shipping on roads, vessels, and trains so actually your new vehicle is not so new anymore. Traveling from afar, your new vehicle picks up ocean spray, road salt, sand, rail dust, tar all from being shipped. Below we will show the proper steps we take to perfect and protect your new investment and make it better than new.  

Now we begin the new vehicle prep on this G 4x4 Squared, starting with a thorough inspection upon receiving it for scratches, door dings, etching and much more. 

Below you'll notice the dirt and grime covering the inner wheel wells

Door jambs are thoroughly cleaned, factory mats are removed for detailing.

As we move onto the interior and begin with a full vacuum, dash, vent and trim tidy. A matte conditioner is used; containing SPF to protect from UV rays.

Elephant fat is applied to protect the leather bolster from wear. A protectant is also applied to all alcantara and fabric.

Completing the interior with streak free glass. Time to admire the fine German quality in this Mercedes.

Filling our foam cannon with our favourite automotive shampoo; AMMO FOAM!

Moving onto the wheels, we use a strong pH neutral wheel cleaner to help remove stuck on brake dust. As it turns a deep purple, its melting away all the dust and particles. Using various brushes and woolies we clean the barrels, lug nuts, tires, suspension and wheel wells for a deep clean.


Using a foam cannon, warm soapy suds are sprayed onto the vehicle to loosen any dirt or debris before the hand wash.

We completely re-soak the vehicle in foam and begin our 2 bucket wash method using 2 different wash mitts dedicated for certain areas of the vehicle to ensure least amount of cross contamination.

After a thorough hand wash, we rinse the vehicle completely, and begin our 2 stage paint decontamination, using IRON-X on the entire vehicle to melt tiny embedded tar and rail dust. Ultra soft clay is used to pick up heavy tar, tree sap, only areas that are in need of it.


Finishing our hand wash and decontamination with a complete rinse. Posh only uses CR Spotless purified water for the best and safest clean.


Heated and filtered air to blow dry the surface, including wheels.

We thoroughly inspect all paintwork for swirls, scratching, etching, we spot polish 5-6 areas of need. 

Now we begin our paint coating process, starting off with the glass, then paint and finally wheels.

Each and every square inch is coated for maximum protection and ease of maintenance for years to come.


Nano coating's have advantages over traditional waxes and sealants. Think of it as a super sealant as it last much longer. 


Working our way around the vehicle, we finish up on the rear access door.

Time to admire the finished G tank!


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