The PROCESS: P1 Enhancement detail. 

Before we begin the process, we do a full walk around inspection for rock chips, scratching, etching, peeling of the film, and much more. Below is a pre inspection picture, note the soiled area in the door skirt.

After the inspection is complete we start off with a complete foam bath. We loosen all debris that are on the car by using warm purified water mixed with pH neutral car shampoo, which is then applied with a foam cannon. 


After a complete foam bath we thoroughly rinse and re inspect. Using a citrus degreaser we coat inside the wheel wells and hard to reach lower body panels. Iron and fallout cleaner are used on the lower half of the vehicle paired with a clay treatment to remove heavy contamination that is stuck to the paintwork and film. 


Following up with a complete rinse we move onto a deep wheel clean. Using various small soft brushes and pH neutral wheel cleaner we get into the lug nuts, barrel of the wheel, and detail the brake caliper.  Finishing off with the tire clean to remove previous applied tire shine.

Back to the paintwork, we completely re-soak the vehicle in foam and begin our 2 bucket wash method using 2 different wash mitts dedicated for certain areas of the vehicle to ensure least amount of cross contamination.

Finishing our hand wash with a complete rinse. Posh only uses CR Spotless purified water for the best and safest clean.

Moving onto the drying process. Traditionally the drying process uses microfibre towels to catch all the remaining water on the surface of the vehicle. We use heated and filtered air and  blow dry the complete surface including wheels. This ensures no extra abrasion to the vehicles paintwork. 

Full interior tidy includes a full vacuum, dash & vent clean using small soft brushes with a matte finish interior spray. Leather and alcantara carefully cleaned and protected. Door shuts and jams cleaned, glass finished streak free.

AMMO Reflex is used to complete the paintwork in a glossy double layer of protection. AMMO Reflex protects the paintwork and film for one year, while making routine washing a breeze and keeping it looking its absolute best.


AMMO Reflex is applied to all carbon fibre and trim for added protection and reflection.

450gsm ultra soft microfibre towels are used to remove excess coating.

Finishing off with a complete re inspection. Exterior glass clean, and matte tire dressing. Time to sit back and enjoy the view! 

P1 Enhancement detail complete. Please send me an email if you have any further questions  or feedback to . Follow @poshdetailing on instagram for the latest projects.

Thank you