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Overview:  Winter preparation detail is a complete exterior detail, preparing your vehicle for winter, and keeping it protected and looking great all winter long. Winter is full of salt, sand, and everything our vehicles do not like! Proper decontamination, and a thorough detail will eliminate all the harsh contaminates stuck to your vehicle. Finishing off with a protectant making your vehicle extremely easy to wash and maintain all season long. 

  • Spray foam bath

  • 24 stage hand wash

  • 2 stage paint decontamination

  • Deep wheel & wheel well clean & condition

  • Paint sealant


Overview: Including everything from the "Summer Prep Detail" above and including a full wheel off treatment and undercarriage detail. Safely removing the Calcium Chloride Brine (Road salt) from winter driving. Full suspension, brake, wheel and wheel well detail and condition. Using anti rust inhibiters to attack and eliminate any left over road salt that is stuck in places we simply cannot wash without extensive detail.

- View our in depth video on YouTube for more information.

  • Wheel off treatment

  • Undercarriage detail

  • Exhaust tip clean

  • Wheel clean

  • Brake and suspension component detail

  • Anti-rust treatment and protection


Overview: This package includes an extensive exterior and full interior detail. The exterior will undergo a complete pre-treatment followed by a high grade carnauba wax or sealant giving the paintwork a complete enhancement and protection all summer long. The interior will receive a very in depth steam cleaning, and condition of all surfaces using only matte finish conditioners containing a SPF to protect the trim from future damage and UV rays. Also including a leather treatment that will leave the leather non-greasy, ultra soft and protected.

Visit "The Process - P1" in the main navigation above for a full write up. 

  • Spray foam bath

  • 24 stage hand wash

  • Paint decontamination

  • Deep wheel & wheel well clean & condition

  • Exhaust tip clean

  • Full interior detail

  • High grade carnauba wax


Overview: Protecting all areas of your vehicle for years not months. A complete interior and exterior pre-treatment followed by a thorough inspection for imperfections from factory, properly rejuvenating the paint to better than the day it left the factory finished with only the best coatings, and high grade waxes to protect and shine your vehicle for years to come.

XPEL ULTIMATE paint protection film is available to protect all impact areas of your vehicle from rock chips, scuffs, scratching and has self healing capabilities to ensure a flawless look for years to come.  

Visit "The Process - G4x4x2" in the main navigation for a full write up about New vehicle prep. View our in depth video on YouTube for more information

  • Foam bath

  • Paint decontamination

  • Wheel coating

  • Spot polishing 5-6 spots

  • Interior detail including suede, carpet, trim, leather protective coating

  • Glass coating

  • High grade carnauba wax or a nano-coating

Paint Correction:

Overview: Using state of the art paint testing equipment we analyze the painted surface and then follow up by using the latest techniques and products and paint correct all blemishes, imperfections, holograms, swirls, etching, and scratches. Removing such imperfections safely and effectively is what Posh Detailing specialize in. The paint correction process will restore the paintwork back to new condition. In most cases we will correct the paintwork to a level that is better than "brand new from factory". 

  • Minor Paint Correction: complete pre-treatment followed by full  2-3 step compound and polish correction. 

  • Major Paint Correction: (Show car finish) - complete pre-treatment followed by 2-3 step wet sanding followed by 2-3 step compound and polish correction. 


Overview: We have now introduced our maintenance detailing packages. This will ensure your vehicle looks great year around but also keeps it thoroughly protected from all the harsh elements from spring through winter. This will also help with the vehicles residual value when it comes to sale time, also great for owners that like to their vehicles looking fresh year around. All of our maintenance packages are on a semi, quarterly, monthly, or can be custom fitted to your need. All of these services are offered at a discounted rate when compared to our standard priced treatments.

  • SEMI-ANNUAL TREATMENT: This package will include 2 full exterior details and 2 full interior details. 

  • QUARTERLY TREATMENT: This package will include 2 exterior top ups, and 2 full exterior details and 4 interior details. 

  • MONTHLY TREATMENT: This package will include 10 exterior top ups, and 2 full exterior details and 12 full interior details. 


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