Before we begin, a quick overview. Why would you get a paint correction on your car?  Scratches, swirls, etching and much more will happen over time to the paintwork on our vehicles. Our vehicles get used on a daily bases enduring the harsh elements of the outdoors. Between the heat of the summer, long days in the sun and winters freeze and thaw cycles,  the harsh road salts, sand, and gravel, we don't stand a chance to maintain perfect paint! By using state of the art paint testing equipment we analyze the painted surface and then follow up by using the latest techniques and products and paint correct all blemishes, imperfections, holograms, swirls, etching, and scratches. The paint correction process will restore the paintwork back to new condition. In most cases we will correct the paintwork to a level that is better than "brand new from factory".  


We begin the Paint Correction process on this 99 M coupe. We first inspect the car for any heavy scratches, door dings, or anything that would stand out of the ordinary. 

Note the dull, lack of gloss in paintwork.

Beginning the process with AMMO FOAM in a foam cannon! Spraying the thick suds onto the paint will help loosen large debris, dirt, and grime in prep for the two bucket hand wash.

Using our 2 wash mitts, colour coded and designated to upper and lower panels of the car to reduce cross contamination with heavy debris.

Microfibre madness wash mitts are used to ensure the safest hand wash possible.


Finishing our hand wash with a complete rinse. Posh only uses spotless purified water for the best and safest clean.

Back to the paintwork, we start our 2 stage paint decontamination using Iron and fallout remover. Used on the vehicle to remove heavy contamination that is stuck to the paintwork.

The second stage of our paint decontamination is a clay bar treatment, removing heavy tar and embedded contamination thats remaining in the paintwork.

A deep wheel and wheel well clean is performed. Note we won't be spending to much time focusing on the wheel clean as the finished car will contain new wheels! 

Note the heavy water pooling on the side of the vehicle. At this stage the paint is "naked" no protection on the paintwork, and only heavy scratching and swirls to contain and hold that water up!


Moving onto the drying process. Traditionally the drying process uses microfibre towels to catch all the remaining water on the surface of the vehicle. We use heated and filtered air and  blow dry the complete surface including wheels. This ensures no extra abrasion to the vehicles paintwork. 

Once the vehicle has been completely blown dry, we move onto taping off sensitive areas to protect them from damage.

Using our PosiTest paint depth gauge, we ensure sufficient amount of paintwork to work on before we start the correction. 


We designate a panel, usually the rear passenger side quarter panel as a test panel. Using different cutting, polishing pads and liquid compounds and final finishing polishes to determine the best outcome for this type of paintwork. Every vehicle has different paint, meaning some are harder vs soft, less scratching, more etching and so on.

Note the HEAVY scratching and swirls in the quarter panel. This is 50/50 the final outcome will be the perfectly finished side to the left.

As we work our way around the vehicle, moving onto the hood. Larger machines are used.

Smaller machines, such as this RUPES iBrid one inch polisher are used to get in all the tight spaces!

Headlights are wet sanded, cut and then polished to a clear perfect finish.


Finally finishing up the paint correction on the roof and pillars 


Once the correction is complete we do a final inspection to ensure the paintwork is flawless. The entire front clip of this M Coupe is about to receive XPEL ULTIMATE paint protection film. Using isopropyl alcohol mix to remove any oil or polishes from the paintwork. The front BMW badge and grills are removed to roll and wrap the edges to ensure a seamless look and to protect all areas from rock chips.

The hood of the M coupe is quite large and will be laid in 3 pieces. Tape is laid to designate where the film will stop on each side.

Stretching the XPEL to the front and centre to ensure full coverage. 

Paintwork and film is finished in AMMO Reflex. A glossy double layer of protection. AMMO Reflex protects the paintwork and film for one year, while making routine washing a breeze and keeping it looking its absolute best.

Outfitted with new BBS RS2 wheels. Tires finished with a matte tire shine


AMMO CREME is applied for insane gloss and reflection.

This M coupe is looking better than new and now protected! It will be entering our booth this year at the Edmonton Motor Show 2017!

Depth and clarity restored!

1999 BMW M Coupe paint correction complete. 

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Thank you