Common  misconceptions about detailing

The term "Detailing"

  • Its very common to be mislead about the word "detailing". Detailing is more than just cleaning the interior of your vehicle and giving the outside a "hand wash". Posh has set a new level of "detailing". By using the most up to date techniques, tools, and only the highest quality of products the outcome is a better than new feel.  

Perfect and Protect

  • Paint protection is the most important topic when discussing car care. Im sure everyone wants their car to look "clean" but is it clean? By properly maintaining your vehicle and applying proper coatings, sealants, and waxes your car becomes perfected and protected. Not only looking great, but now your're protecting your investment. Every square inch of your vehicle can be coated and conditioned for added protection and shine. 




  • Mentioned in the "Services" page. "Coatings" what are coatings and how do they add value, protect, enhance the look and feel of my vehicle?
  • Nano-coatings bond to paint, glass, metal, fabric and plastic at a molecular level, effectively becoming a functional element of the vehicle's surface. These coatings act as  hard glass-like finishes. It helps protect your vehicle by being extremely hydrophobic by suspending dirt, debris, and contaminants off the paint. Also protecting  your vehicle from weathering, UV-damage, and light abrasion for up to 2-5 years while making is easier to clean than ever before.


  • Polymer sealants are  just like the coatings mentioned above. But a  polymer sealant is a lighter version of a coating. Usually protecting anywhere from 6-12months.
  • Paint sealant is a sophisticated blend of polymers that interlock across the paint, forming a  defense coat by adhering to the clear coat creating a layer of protection.
  • Unlike nano-coatings application it is much quicker, and it is not a long lasting bond, meaning if you want the sealant to come off, wash with a strong solvent. With nano-coatings its not that easy, once its applied it needs to be maintained properly to last or it will need to be removed by polishing or sanding the clear coat.


  • Waxes are made up of organic compounds, compared to a coating, or sealant which are both made in laboratories. 
  • Carnauba wax gives your paintwork a deep and intense shine.
  • If you're looking to make your vehicle look the best but want added protection, a sealant can be added first, then topped with a wax to give off the depth and shine..